Pure water window cleaning vs traditional window cleaning

Published Thursday, 25th March 2021

We use a pure water Reach and Wash system with de-ionised water to give a brilliant and lasting finish, every time

At Pitch Up, we believe in providing the best service possible which is why we invested in the latest equipment - a pure water Reach and Wash system. 

Our tank filters water five times over to remove all the impurities, and we use carbon fibre extendable brushes that reach up to 40ft to wash all windows, frames and sills fully and safely from ground level. 

Traditional Window Cleaning

New customers sometimes ask about the traditional method of window cleaning – the bucket and squeegee method, with a ladder. 

The traditional method sees a window cleaner apply a cleaning solution to the glass which is wiped off, leaving the window completely dry.

We use this method for interior windows to great effect. Internal windows are easily accessible and it is important to minimise the amount of water used, to ensure other fixtures and fittings aren’t affected.

For exterior windows, we believe pure water is a much better option.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Using cleaning products on exterior windows leaves a clear film which attracts dirt, so the window gets dirty again more quickly.

The pure water method – which was developed in America in the 1990s – sees water filtered five times over to remove all impurities.

The purified water is then pumped through an extendable pole with a brush on the end to scrub windows, frames and sills.

It dries quickly to a crystal-clear finish which makes it ideal for exterior window and conservatory cleaning.

Using an extendable water-fed pole system also eliminates health and safety risks on a ladder, which is really important to us – and our family!

The other risk from ladders is potential damage to your property – to the gutters or render. We have had many customers tell us of bad experiences with gutters being damaged or marks being left from ladders. Again, this is completely avoidable.

And of course, you have much more privacy when someone isn’t up at your windows on a ladder!

The benefits of Pure Water Window Cleaning

In a nutshell, the benefits of using our system include:

  • Brilliantly clean windows
  • Streak-free finish
  • Windows stay cleaner for longer
  • No safety risks from ladders
  • No risk of damage
  • Hard to reach windows can be easily accessed

At Pitch Up Window Cleaning, we include frames, sills and doors on every visit and give a satisfaction guarantee.

We are also fully insured and DBS checked for complete peace of mind.

All of our window cleans are arranged in advance by appointment at a set date and time, and we send a text reminder the night before a clean as well as a follow-up text to ensure satisfaction.

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